Just A Morning In The Life.

Early this morning I got up to do just a few chores.  It was beautiful out.  Warm, but misty and cloudy with a light breeze to keep the midges off.  I stole Carol’s shoes because they were just a bit more sturdy than mine.  All the chickens were still shut up from the night before during the horrible storm. I grabbed their food from the shed and made the rounds.  First I dropped off the Hubbard’s fast growing pellets and watched them trample their friends, the Leghorns, to get to it.  They are already twice the size of the older Leghorn chicks.   I proceeded to opened up all the coops, feed the hens; then fed the broody hens and their chicks and took off down the road to the pigs.

The pigs are down the hill on a part of land that isn’t usable for other animals.  In the morning they get let out into a larger pen that is established by an electric fence.  As I made my way down the hill, I hopped over to the side of the road that the water was still running down from the heavy storm the night before.  I can’t say that I don’t love it when Carol and Graham aren’t able to get to all the chores.

The sun started to break through the fog.  Slowly the mist started to disperse and the green rolling hills revealed themselves.  Suddenly you could see the sheep below and could see the lower clouds moving across the land.  They were back-dropped by large hills off in the distance.  When I got to the pig pen, they were still in bed, so I opened their gate, turned on the electric fence, verified that it was working, and called to them so that they might at least known I was there.  They like to sleep late.  To be honest, if I were a pig, I would too.

As I moved back up the hill, making a point to walk in the stream, I thanked God that I was alive.


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