Gaelic Singing, Scottish Dancing & a Little Guitar Playing.

I shot a few videos while on the last farm, because there were too many beautiful things going on not to.  Rosie and Nigel are big on Gaelic singing and one of their favorite things to do after meals and social gatherings is to share their respective skills, and ask others to do so as well.  This is a video where we were all asked to keep a rhythm through humming for them.

I kind of wish I hadn’t hummed as loud, but hopefully you can still hear something 🙂

This next video I shot last night, my last night on the farm.  I had wanted to go to a Ceilidh (traditional Scottish dance party) before I left Scotland, which didn’t happen.  But then Rosie and Nigel decided that we needed to have our own Ceilidh, so we turned on a CD of traditional Scottish music, and they showed us the moves.

I’d like to say I did as well as they did, but that is not a claim I can make. 😉

This next video, I actually hate watching, but since being here it seems a theme that I end up playing the guitar for those around me.  It’s been kind of my M.O. over here, and this was their favorite song so I wanted to shoot a video of it.  I apologize now for the giggling and word forgetting and general mediocrity of it all.   I figured if nothing else, my parents would want to see it.  OH.  And my friend Terry joined in, and he’s awesome at guitar.

Alright, well there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into our lives. 😉


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