How to Touch the Terrifying Stinging Nettle

I don’t recommend this to everyone, but I thought this was interesting. A friend of mine taught me that if you grab nettles purposely, you don’t get stung. I wouldn’t believe him until he did it first. And he did!

This is a video of me touching and weeding baby nettles, but you can also do it with full-grown nettles. At one point you can see me going to grab one and then jerking away. That’s because, as you’ll notice, there was a smaller one that I bumped and which stung me. But all the ones I intentionally grabbed didn’t hurt me. I think it’s because the stingers get bent with the applied pressure.


4 thoughts on “How to Touch the Terrifying Stinging Nettle

    • Yeah, they tend to be a gardener’s nuisance. They have surprising health benefits, (I mean, chalked full of nutrients and totally edible) but they are a pain to get rid of. They hurt like heck!

  1. Never had the guts to try this :p
    someone once tried to teach me a way of pushing down all the stingy bits with your fingers so you can eat them… 😐 not happening.

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