Welcome Home

The novelty has worn off. The celebrations have ceased. The social anxiety has slowly decreased into a mere murmur of the result of my recent history of traveling through rural conditions on my own.

Welcome home.

I couldn’t have asked for a better home-coming. Thrilled friends texting me, a welcome home party, a round of applause at my church, catch up coffee dates and the continuous resounding “you were missed” whispered in periodically from the depths of souls I hadn’t seen in months.

I had meant to write an “I’m home” post a while ago-but I guess I couldn’t find it in me just yet. I was focused on finances, organizing myself, paving the path to start work again, figuring out what the future held and also over coming reverse culture shock. Quite the process. And then the holidays ran around the corner and with them came family Christmases on both sides, my brother and sister-in-law back from China with my new baby niece, spending quality time with my sister and her kids, and catching up with old friends in my hometown. And quieting myself enough to write was put off-until now.

It’s been an interesting process re-assimilating. It’s been harder dealing with reverse culture shock than it was dealing with the actual culture shock. I remember arriving in Scotland and thinking, “Is this it?” The elasticity of my personality proved just as helpful as it was detrimental. A brief discussion with a well-traveled friend explained that the very reason it was so easy for me to slide into a different culture was the same reason why I struggled coming back. It’s easy for me to see outside myself and adapt-the same reason I adjusted so easily to the UK is the same reason I am capable of seeing the limitedness of my own culture and upbringing.

But never mind, I’ve come to terms with that and adjusted to being home.

So what happens now?

Well, the call to return to a rhythm leaks out from the future path and I-I am walking towards it.

It’s not like I don’t look at my future and ask whether I’ll ever be able to do anything like this ever again. I want to. I feel like part of me is always going to be on the trail. But I want so many other things than just running around from place to place. I find the main disadvantage of constantly being on the move is that you never invest in anything. And that my friend, is a crying shame.

My plans are to hit the ground running and start building my future. To start investing in work and also in the stuff that I’m passionate about. This means working again as a sign language interpreter and furthering my career in that way and it means finding ways to invest in food culture here in Denver. People have asked if I want to own my own farm. I don’t think I want to do anything on that scale. But something of a hobby farm-a few goats, a few chickens, a garden-that sounds more like my speed.

But that’s far in the future.

Instead right now I plan to get a little more connected and eventually I’d like to do more writing/blogging on the subject. I have a few ideas as far as researching and writing about the food structure and situation in Denver-such as connecting to local farmers and doing blogging on their process and what they offer to hopefully engage a public who is very disconnected with where their food comes from. Who knows, maybe I’ll do a little blogging on my own life and my pursuit of food justice as well as why I’m so passionate about it.

You never know what I’ll come up with.

So if you found yourself interested/addicted to my blog posts, stay tuned. I’ll hit the blogosphere again soon. And if you have any thoughts or ideas on what you might like to read-feel free to comment.

74968_10200323216907336_1330935169_nHere’s to a wide open and exciting future!

-Mary Alive


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